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Love Forgives All Errors


CHAPTER: Values to Live by - Forgiveness

Love Forgives All Errors

By  Sharon Parris-Chambers
Excerpt from Book: Living Life as a Sacred Practice
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There is no forgiveness without genuine love. When we become love, we have the capacity to forgive.

Love removes the burden of toxic overload of waste thoughts that can easily be thrown out like rubbish.

Affirm: "I free my body and mind from negative, waste energy by taking in ‘Prana,’ ‘Chi’ clean energy which is channeled throughout my body."

You think positive thoughts, which eliminates negativity. If per chance you utter ‘waste,’ say immediately: “Cancel, Cancel, Cancel,” or chant “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me and thank you.” (Ho’oponopono) 

You are free to be a Divine being filled with light and love, the building blocks of the universe.

Sacred Practice:

When you become love, forgiveness is automatic.  First, forgive yourself for the biggest mistake you have made in your life. Then forgive the smallest mistake. You can only forgive others when you have forgiven yourself. To forgive is to be Divine.

Visualize yourself seated across from someone who has done you wrong and speak your words of forgiveness to them. End with your own sincere prayer and the affirmation below.

Affirmation: “I love you, I am sorry, please forgive me and thank you”. (Ho’oponopono).

Repeat as a mantra for 10 mins and often throughout the day every day. The prayer can help clean and delete negative thoughts and attitudes held deep within the subconscious. It returns one to a state of Divine love. Journal your experience.

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