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King Joshua Maponga to Keynote Ubuntu Spiritual Awakening Summit



King Maponga accepted the invitation of UMOJA GENERATIONAL WEALTH, one of the largest, most influential African Diaspora Organisation, to speak at their first Summit on how to fix Africa (solutions), for the GLOBAL AFRICAN DIASPORA.

King Maponga is a theologian, philosopher and author of various books, a renowned Pan-Africanist and Founder of Institute Farmers of Thought (FOT), which contains more than 2,000 books about Africa.

Over the years, Bishop Maponga has brought together thousands of African Diaspora around the world. At the summit, Bishop will lead the delegates in a journey which starts with Spiritual Awakening, leading to Heritage Discovery and landing in Ancestral Lineage Connection.

If you participate in the summit, you will gain insight into what needs doing for spiritual (not religious) awakening, discover your heritage, connect to your ancestral lineage, learn about the most exclusive and profitable businesses in Africa and in the Caribbean,  learn how to claim your African citizenship through your DNA, meet and network with great Pan-African leaders and change makers, as well as, learn about Ubuntu economics and communalism.  

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Ask for What you Want. You will get it.


Ask for What you Want. You will get it.

When you just imagine a thing. It may or may not manifest. However, when you reflect and act on it it comes into the material realm.

Sometimes, we hold a sacred intention and wait for it to manifest. Your active participation allows you to: See it, to believe it and then manifest it.

A dormant thought is just that. One must act. Holding the intention and then doing something to hasten its manifestation, brings results. Visualizing, Speaking and Acting are all active ways to assure

Ask for what you want. You will get it.

In 2006 Aloun Assamba, Minister of Tourism, asked for what she wanted at our Caribbean Health & Spa Conference in Jamaica. She was resolute and confident. She got what she asked for and more.

If fact, it was through her vision in the growth of the Wellness industry at the time in Jamaica that spurred and help fuel the growth of the Knowledge industry.

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Connecting with the Sage Within

Oshun-600x400 Oshun on the 7 Mile Beach in Negril

Message of the day. July 6, 2022
You are energy and vibration the stuff the Universe is made of.
You are an expression of Life Itself.
Within you is a Sage seeking to express as you.
Awaken to this Awareness.

Breathe in- Prana, Chi energy to animate your cells.
Open your heart to this message. Be a vibration forget the names
and titles given you.

Return to Your Formless Self.

You are loved, guided, protected.
You come from a Soup Group. There is a guide waiting to help you
through any situation.

Drop your burdens, Be FREE, yes, BE FREE! Try it.
If these words illicit a feeling of freedom from worry, stress and longing
To be the you, You Really, Really want to be.
Say YES in your next breath! YES, I want to be the me, I Really, Really want to be.
To be Carefree, yet love the little girl within, honor my Sage Within and Ancestors.
Love myself truly and be in harmony with ALL creatures.

Yes, this is the REAL me expressing NOW as me.

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Nanny of the Winward Maroons: The Mother of Us All


Praise to the Divine Feminine, the Matrix of Creation, the Mother of Us All, Queen Nanny. She is the Womb of Creation, Indominable, Visionary and Eternal.

She is Creation’s own reflection of itself, a mirror of our being. Ground Yourself in the Divine Feminine energy which is the matrix of Creation.

When you need Power, Strength, Inspiration call on Queen Nana Akua, Grandy Nanny. You will be infused with the Universal energy of the Sacred Feminine, the Mother of Creation to inspire you beyond belief. Ase, Ase, Ase oooooooooooo

Sharon Oshun Parris-Chambers
Living Life as A Sacred Practice

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Intention with Attention Results in No Tension


When you apply the paradigm Intention - Attention - No Tension you win every time. Here is how it works. Create the Intention, apply your positive thoughts, add your Attention to create Sustained Focus. When you persist and avoid all Tension, you will Manifest your Intention because it transforms into your Reality. 

MANTRA: I command all ideas, programs, beliefs and fears that prevent me from manifesting my highest self to be identified, removed and replicated by Thoughts of Love, Peace, Truth, Prosperity, Happiness, and all that it takes to regain my Wholeness and perfection NOW, in Mind, Body and Spirit."

-Sharon Oshun Ma'at

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Your Transformation Begins with Your Sacred Intention


“I AM life’s expression of the Divine universe. I AM manifesting as a Divine being and my light has transformative powers.”

-Sharon Parris-Chambers


In my search for truth this is what I always wanted to achieve: Becoming a Divine being and letting my light shine. What about you? 


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Moving from a point of No Return to Enlightenment


Moving from a Point of No Return to Enlightenment
A New Year Message for 2021

By Sharon Oshun Parris-Chambers

When you are feeling as if you are at a point of no return. Breathe deeply and Reset
your consciousness. Your return must be found. Cancel negative thoughts and images.

You are unfathomable, you are invincible and eternal.

Like the Phoenix, your return is magical, returning from dust to life.

Don’t count yourself out. You are not finished. Breathe in new life, energy and vitality.

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IVET Foundation Values Challenge

sharon_parris_chambers-with-IVET-Certificate S. P. Chambers holding IVET Certificate

I would like to share with you a conversation between me and my mentor in Values-based Education, Dr Neil Hawkes. First you will find his invitation to comment on a values statement in celebration of IVET's  25 anniversary as a Charity. My response follows. To comment, please send your notes to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.- or respond to this post via social media


Dear  Sharon, Richard, Sue and Terry,

Thank you for choosing to become an Affiliate of the IVET Foundation.  

May I invite you to take part in a heart-led activity to help reshape our future?

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Using Sound Therapy to Balance the Chakras


Greetings of peace and love to all. Last week I spoke on giving thanks as thousands of Americans travelled to be with their families on Thanksgiving day November 26, 2020.

Here in Jamaica, American expats in the hospitality industry celebrated and invited guests and natives to attend sumpteous holiday fares on the North Coast and across the island. I encourage persons not to wait for a special day to give thanks. One should be giving thanks with every breath. This is how blessings are received from the Universe.

Moving away from gastronomic delights, I encourage you to turn to the meta-physical in this regard. By that I mean focusing on the spiritual self.  Let us explore the Beej mantra below.

Beej Mantras:

Today we use sound therapy to continue the week-long regimen to experience how sound vibration
can balance our Chakras, which are wheels of energy within our bodies. We are focusing only on the

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Using Beej Mantras to Clear the Chakras


This week we are exploring the Bija or Beej mantras. Beej Mantras also known as Vedic Seed Mantras are the core mantras or sounds endowed with great spiritual powers. They are often called the audible seed version of all the Deity majorly in Hinduism. Beejas are used to unblock chakras creating vibrations which resonate within the body. 

To be well in mind, body and spirit, let us seek new ways to express our Divinity.

VAM for Svadhisthana,(Sacral Chakra)

RAM for Manipura (Sola Plexus )

 YAM for Anahata (Heart), 

HAM for Vishuddha (Throat), and
OM or AUM for Ajna (Third eye) and
OM Sahaswara (CROWN) chakras)

These are chanted in succession to clear the chakras and create a neurological response.

Chakras are energy centres in the body and the mantra Lam is specifically related to the muladhara chakra, which is located at the base of the spine. The mulahdara chakra relates to our basic needs and sense of belonging. It is known as the earth chakra and when clear, provides a sense of grounding and stability, reducing worry and anxiety. The mantra Lam helps clear any blockages at this energy centre through sound therapy.

Specifics sounds create different responses in the brain and the Bija mantras balance or tune the brain by altering the predominant brainwave frequency. Research shows that the Bija mantras evoke the alpha state of the brain, which is the state of calm with a brainwave frequency of approximately 10 cycles per second. It is also said that the “m” sound also resonates with the right side of our brain – the side that carries intuition, emotion and creativity.

The Sacral chakra is about feeling and sexuality. When it is open, your feelings flow freely, and are expressed without you being over-emotional. You are open to intimacy and you can be passionate and lively. You have no problems dealing with your sexuality.

Your sacral chakra is located in your lower abdomen, about one to two inches below your naval. When out of balance symptoms include—but aren’t limited to—attachment issues, sexually-related guilt, timidity, emotional volatility, hypersensitivity, and trust issues. A person can act both completely disconnected and cold towards others if this chakra is under-active or needy and emotionally dependent if the chakra is over-active. This chakra is your most important emotional center and because of this, at one time or another, most of us will experience an imbalance here.

The Seed Mantra of Sacral Chakra is 'VAM' and Music  in this video features frequencies - 210.42, 288 & 417 Hz -

which helps in balancing Sacral Chakra through meditation. Chanting 'Vam' along with this video can be of immense help in stabilizing this chakra.

If this chakra is over-active, you tend to be emotional all the time. You'll feel emotionally attached to people and you can be very sexual.

On Wednesday we will explore the Solar Plexas Chakra.

Namaste and Om Shanti.

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My Transformation is Happening Now

lotus-images Illuminated Chakras

"I release all toxic relationships and walk into my destiny of limitless potentiality.
My transformation is happening now, I see without illusions." (Use as affirmation.)
Read page 23 in Living Life as a Sacred Practice: Discover Yourself As a Source of Creation
Guide book for more inspiration and Sacred practices.

Today, we focus on the solar plexus Chakra located above the navel and below chest. This is the 3rd Chakra. Say your prayers and affirmation close and relax in the silence.

Each Chakra is linked with a color, element, gem stone in general, however here is more helpful information
that you may find useful.

Color: Yellow

Element: Fire

Functions: Visualize the sympathetic nervous system, digestive process, metabolism and emotions.

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Cultivating Chi Energy from the Dantian


Sit quietly, place left hand over right for women and right hand over left for men.
Now, focus on your breath, breath in Chi or prana energy, awaken your consciousness. Remain aware, relaxed. Take even breaths from the dantian area.  Know that you are here for a Divine purpose so be on purpose and rise to the occasion during this Global Reset. Be ready for your ascension in mind, body and spirit.

NAVEL CHAKRA: Dantian (Second Brain) this is where the Chi or life source is stored, cultivated and harvested.
Color: Orange
Glands:Ovaries, genitals, prostate, spleen, womb, bladder
Gems: Carmelian, coral, gold topaz, amber, aventurine
Giving and receiving, emotions, desire, eros love, health, family, working harmoniously with others.
Access the power of the Chakras: 1.Root or Base, 2. Navel or Sacral, 3.Solar plexus  4. Heart 5. Throat 6. Third eye, brow 7. Crown.
Learn to create harmony, peace and positive vibrations by aligning your chakras. You will become Love and Light, able to manifest your destiny with effortless ease.
Background on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qigong as Preventative Healing Systems:

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which Qigong is a part of, there are three main internal energy centres rooted deep within the body along the center core called dantians (pronounced - Don Shen) and they act as energetic reservoirs for your Qi (chi - life force). These three dantians are connected together by a core a white healing light called the Taiji Pole. This pole of light flows through the body's center core coming out of the head to flow high above you and coming out of the perineum to flow deep beneath you.

It is within this Taiji Pole that the TCM concept of the Chakras exists. These energetic vortices support the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being of the self. They are a vitally important in the healing journey that one has throughout their life. While there is a lot of focus on the seven chakras of the yogic tradition, in TCM, we also focus on chakras eight and nine.

Chakra #8 is the first of three Heavenly Transpersonal Chakras and is located about a foot above the top of the head (or the 7th chakra). It is associated with the spiritual energy of the Hun (the spirit which lives within the Liver). Your Hun is a spiritual guide that supports your Shen (Heart spirit) in your day to day living. It is symbolized by the Green Dragon. It is the dream spirit that flows outside of the body to give you messages in the dream state of REM sleep.

Chakra #9 is the first of three Earthly Transpersonal Chakras and is located about a foot underneath the ground. It is associated with the spiritual energy of the Po (the spirit which resides in the Lungs). Your Po is the spiritual guide that supports the basic energy of survival with tenacity found in all animals. It is symbolized by the White Tiger. The Po is about grounding the physical body into the base essences that take the form of the senses - hearing, sight and tactile sensations.

When you are doing your Qigong, yoga practices or simply in a quiet meditative moment, try to begin to incorporate the chakras above and below the main seven into your awareness practice. These additional chakras can help you take your awareness and focus beyond the energies of your body and into the energies you have all around you. This healing energy is powerful and essential in protecting you from harm. If you have a strong Wei Qi (the protective Qi field around you) then you are able to support the healing that is happening within you. You need balance and flow both inside and outside to maximize your healing potential.   

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Dr-George-Love-Promo-Phot0-51820 Dr George Love

On Friday July 18, 2020, the host of Wholistic Living, Oshun Chambers shared with her audience the Six Healing Sounds as explained by Dr George Love, Oriental Physician, Acupuncturist and Florida-based Primary Care physician. Below you will find some of those details which were shared. Please contact Oshun for further details or questions at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Dr George Xavier Love <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit online


Sounds are to be emitted in one continuous exhaling.

Lung, Kidney Liver, Heart, Spleen, Triple Heater


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Peace is More than an Absence of War.

LIVING LIFE AS A SACRED PRACTICE CHAPTER: Values to Live By - Peace Peace is more than an absence of War, it is the innate state of a conscious Human Being. -Sharon Parris-Chambers We all long for peace in the world. Everyday there are images on the TV screen that impress on the screen of our minds that this is a dangerous world. Images of crime, death and dying, war, report of wars and weapons stockpiling on the nightly news. Do not allow the excesses shared by the media daily to shake your composure. Allow what we know deep in the recesses of our soul to surface. There is an innate peace that pacifies the soul. What if millions of people begin to do this? Do you believe we could positively impact the world with a different story? There is a likelihood that we could begin to hear, feel, see images of beauty, kindness and experience more peaceful interactions as human beings, when we begin to live from our heart center and not from a fearful mind. This would erase the negative mental images. How much longer will we continue to absorb this negativity before we say, “No More!” Then, reach for the remote control and turn off the TV. The words of Thomas Paine, published in the American Crisis, “these are the times that try men's souls,” ring true today as it did back in 1776. However, if we stop and take a survey right now of where you live. You would find that in your inner core, your Temple, is your place to retreat from the world’s man-made crises. Take some time now to retreat to your Inner Temple, where there is quietude. There you will find your natural mindscape to paint pictures on the canvas of your mind, refreshing waters to cool your body and your thirst. Flora and fauna of the most exotic types. The soulscape is an untouched reservoir of primeval images, sounds and impressions tapped only in our dreams. There is no fear here, only the deep, deep peace that resounds, lulls and pacifies the soul. Retreat to your soulscape and find the hidden you. Sacred Practice: Take the next 30 minutes to relax your body by taking some deep breaths. Go deep within. Follow your breath. Take strong even breaths, relax after each one. Welcome the godhead or goddess of your being and say you are ready to explore the spiritual you. Allow your inner vision to take over your physical faculties and explore the hidden you. Ask questions and listen for the answers which will arise in you as a SENSATION, feeling, voice, image or impression. Make a point to write in your journal when you return from your adventure.Affirmation: My peace flows within me like the river to the sea.
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Begin your 2020 Spiritual Transformation Today


Sharon Oshun Parris-Chambers, author of "Living Life as a Sacred Practice: Discover Yourself as a Source of Creation," invites you to begin your 2020 Spiritual Transformation with a Book Signing on December 22, 2019 from 12 Noon until 2:30 pm at MEDU BOOKSTORE located in Greenbriar Mall, Atlanta, GA.

You will find the lessons in the book to be timely, inciteful and out of this world. You have to be there to "Feel" the vibration and energy that Sharon Oshun offers Truth Seekers on their spiritual journey.

About the Author:

The author is a truth seeker, creator of transformational quotes and poetic prose. She developed spiritual mastery living from the inside out over a span of twenty years.  She shares these practices with readers seeking spiritual development. She has expanded her focus on self-mastery with Living Life as a Sacred Practice: Discover Yourself as a Source of Creation, which asks the reader to come up higher to Divine Mind to find their purpose in life and to live that purpose.

The author is a non-denominational minister (BA) and has a BA in Psychology.

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Take Wellness out of your Mind by Renewing Your Spirit


24-26 JANUARY 2020

 NOV. 3,  2019. Hanover, Jamaica, W.I.  This presentation was included in the 3rd Webinar in the 90 Day Release, Re-energize, Reset Challenge held today at 5:00 pm CT. The topic was: “Take Wellness out of your Mind by Renewing Your Spirit or Consciousness.”

Let us examine the following areas in order to achieve our goal of renewing our spirit.

  1. Who am I?
  2. Mindfulness Meditation
  3. Affirmations for wellness
  4. Sacred Practices to transform Mind - Body and Spirit

We begin with Who Am I?

Who am I?
This is the essential question for truth seekers that must be examined to find your unique path. Ask your questions when you enter into meditation and journal your answers. Be alert when your Muse gives the answers which might be subtle or come in symbols or images.

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Be in the Center of the Dance of Consciousness               

mindfullness-meditation3 Be in the Center of the Dance of Consciousness

Be in the Center of the Dance of Consciousness  
Self-Help Training from New book: Living Life as a Sacred Practice
By Sharon Parris-Chambers

Don’t waste time controlling the mind. Use Prana or Chi, the life force, or breath consciousness along with intention and vibration to improve or recognize the truth of who you are. You are made of consciousness and vibration. The stuff that the universe is made of. You are a Creator of your own thoughts and ideas. Mind is subservient to you. Why do you answer to Mind? The very act of answering to Mind lands you in a web of intrigue and sometimes circular thinking.

Learn to surrender your energy to the cosmic vibration. Mooji the mystic says “I turn my face to my Superior Self, rid me of ego and merge my mind anew”. One looks within for inspiration and guidance. Your Divine spirit creates your reality not the physical you.

You are a free spirit breathdancing (TM) your way through life with effortless ease. Do not allow the mist of your mind to divert you from your Divine mission and to forget who you truly are.

Stay on purpose and manifest your destiny as a Divine being having an earthly experience.

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Peace and Love is an approach to Mindfulness

Qigong standing pose

When you are in a state of mindfulness you are one with the universe. There is no time for the "monkey mind" to play games. You are out of your mind. Existence is as it should be, you are in a state of quietude, as consciousness.

In this state of awareness peace and love is the currency of exchange. It is the deep abiding peace that quiets the soul and allows for inward reflection to take place. Combined with unconditional love that wants nothing and gives everything, this consciousness creates a blissful sate of Satori.

Love will naturally change things you see without being filtered by the schemata to interpret it. Unconditional love needs no filter mechanism and dispenses with the ego to arrive at an undiluted vibration of pure love.

Peace and love therefore creates a state of tranquility and pure vibration necessary for sentient beings to experience universal oneness.

Be mindful of giving pure unconditional love to all without any regard for personal benefits. You will be amazed at the unexpected returns of interest your deposit would have made, much more than the investment in a savings account. It pays to bank on spiritual virtue, the payoff is out of this world.

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Qigong Can Help You Recapture Life, Health & Happiness

TRINIDAD-GROUP2_600x400 Trinidad Qigong group
Glenville Ashby 2
1496648173 Sharon Chambers 300

Myriads of Baby Boomers numbering into the hundreds of thousands are seeking the Fountain of Youth and have contributed to the development of wellness products and services around the world. They are joined by Millennials who want to experience more health and wellness in their daily lives and while on vacation.

Recapture Life, Health & Happiness with Qigong is a workshop that teaches the preventative and curative practice of therapeutic movement to help you take charge of your life. The Workshop is presented by Glenville Ashby Ph.D. for the first time in Jamaica. You won’t want to miss this opportunity!

This practice is used in leading university hospitals worldwide as a complementary healing modality. Learn how these techniques can change your life, manage lifestyle and Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) affecting many Jamaicans. Examples of NCDs are: strokes, most heart diseases, most cancers, diabetes, chronic kidney disease, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and others.

You deserve to be happy, look younger, pain free and live the life you envision. Register today – Space is Limited. Early bird special expires August 30, 2019.

•Tap into Power of Focused Concentration
•Reduce Stress
•Control Diabetes
•Improve Circulation, Coordination & Balance
•Lower High Blood Pressure
•Learn the power of breathing for a healthier you

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Qigong is an Effective Sacred Practice Integrating Mind, Body & Spirit

Glenville Headshot1

Glenville Ashby, Ph.D. Qigong practitioner, award-winning author from New York and Gleaner Religion & Culture columnist, is getting ready to travel to Jamaica, W.I. on September 28, 2019 to facilitate for the first time in Jamaica a Qigong Workshop at Afya Holistic Village in Kingston entitled: QIGONG: RECAPTURE LIFE, HEALTH & HAPPINESS.

Glenville Ashby, Ph.D.

Ashby recounts in his book "The Mystical Qigong Handook for Good Health" (2017) his experience meeting his teacher Grand Master Zhou Ting-Jue. He said that while he waitied in the clinic for the sought after Master to come to him, he was nervous. Katherine, the Master's assistant gave him a booklet on the fundamentals of the Master's unique system of Qigong. "I am advised that I must attend to all tasks before undertaking the practice. My mind must be unfettered. The lesson is already in progress and I hardly realized it. "Think happy thoughts; about the happiest times in your life."

During his training, Ashby said "I am beginning to sense changes within: mental clarity, a sense of euphoria. There is also sporadic tingling in my hands and at times I am overcome with heat."

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