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Your Transformation Begins with Your Sacred Intention


“I AM life’s expression of the Divine universe. I AM manifesting as a Divine being and my light has transformative powers.”

-Sharon Parris-Chambers


In my search for truth this is what I always wanted to achieve: Becoming a Divine being and letting my light shine. What about you? 


When you live the life of a Divine being manifesting your destiny with each breath, what you think, you manifest. You become responsible for every thought.


With each stage of your spiritual development, through your reflection (meditation) you are strengthened. You begin this journey in obedience to the will of the Divine.  You will realize your dharma, purpose in life, and your light will continue to shine as a beacon unto others.


Read the “Passion Test” (The Effortless path to Discovering Your Life Purpose) by Janet Bray Attwood and Chris Attwood. Learn to identity your Passion, your inner drive to achieve your unique gift or talent. Read Janet’s unique story. Let it motivate you. Then, take the Passion Test. Go to  Do the work and you will begin to see real positive change manifest in your life. 


Passion Test Program:

        Write your top five (5) passions and review often.

        Apply this Mantra to life’s challenges: Attention, Intention, No Tension.

           When you focus on your passion there is no tension. Go on the path of
           least tension. When you do, your Passion should always come first.

        Creating Markers for your success so you know when you get there

        Focus on what you want or something better. Never underestimate
           yourself. (Atwood, 2008)


Affirmation:  I intend to feel successful and attract prosperity.
                        -Wayne Dyer

Note: The Lesson above is an excerpt from Living Life as a Sacred Practice: DIscover Yourself as a Source of Creation By Sharon Parris-Chamers and available at

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