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Take Wellness out of your Mind by Renewing Your Spirit


24-26 JANUARY 2020

 NOV. 3,  2019. Hanover, Jamaica, W.I.  This presentation was included in the 3rd Webinar in the 90 Day Release, Re-energize, Reset Challenge held today at 5:00 pm CT. The topic was: “Take Wellness out of your Mind by Renewing Your Spirit or Consciousness.”

Let us examine the following areas in order to achieve our goal of renewing our spirit.

  1. Who am I?
  2. Mindfulness Meditation
  3. Affirmations for wellness
  4. Sacred Practices to transform Mind - Body and Spirit

We begin with Who Am I?

Who am I?
This is the essential question for truth seekers that must be examined to find your unique path. Ask your questions when you enter into meditation and journal your answers. Be alert when your Muse gives the answers which might be subtle or come in symbols or images.

You may also use the Passion Test method of finding your Dharma or purpose in life. Go to
We will only mention briefly this method in which a FORMULA is used to ACHIEVE YOUR PASSION FOR LIVING.

Intention - Attention - No Tension.

Intention – What are you most passionate about? What do you want to create?

Attention – Where are YOU putting your attention /focus?

What are your top 5 passions? Take your consciousness & Awareness and focus on what you want to create in your life.

No Tension – Take massive action. Reach a point of surrender. Say, "I let go".

Let the Universe guide you to your greatest good. You don’t have to be in control of every aspect of your life.
Janet Bray Atwood says “When you are clear what you want shows up in your life.”

The other aspects of renewing your Spirit below will be addressed in the Lesson: “Take Wellness out of your Mind by Renewing Your Spirit”

  • Mindfulness Meditation
  • Affirmations for wellness and
  • Sacred transformational practice

All are part of the transformation process of Removing Wellness from the Mental Construct and placing it in the Present Moment Awareness.

Let us consider these points now. I will read from my new book “Living Life as a Sacred Practice: Discover Yourself as a Source of Creation” (Jan. 2019). It is a Self-Help Book on Personal & Spiritual Development. Available on and

What is mind? – A mental construct which observes and approves our conscious experience. It is broken down into Id – Ego - Superego according to Sigmund Freud, 19th century psychiatrist.

In place of Freud’s ID, Ego, Superego, archetypes of the personality or psyche. Jung invented these: Self (Balanced Integration), the Persona (Mask) , the Shadow (Unconscious) and the Anima/Anumus (Balance of Feminine/Masculine energies).

Jung believed that in order to develop a healthy personality, we need to work through these archetypes (Self, Persona, The Shadow, and the Anima/Animus). We begin to choose actions rather than respond automatically from patterns in our personality that no longer serve us. He also recognized an Ego, a personal unconscious and a collective unconscious. In the personal unconscious were various complexes and in the collective unconscious were archetypal dispositions to think. perceive and act in a certain way.

How do we RENEW Our Spirit? - One must go outside of the Conscious Mind to Renew the Spirit. We are saying that we must escape the Box in which we sometimes find ourselves and open our minds and consciousness to experience life in a borderless expanding world.

WHY? The mind is often referred to in spiritual literature as “the monkey mind”. It jumps from one thing to another. Do you need proof of this? Have YOU WITNESSED IT IN YOUR LIFE? SMILE.

We must not intellectualize, which is using the mind to avoid dealing directly with life’s situations. The mind is so overactive, we must pacify it with meditation. Enter into Silence. Retreat into your inner Temple of your Divine being. There you will find the FERTILE DOMAIN OF POTENTIALITY. THIS IS WHERE DREAMS ARE BORN AND MANIFESTED before you see them in this dimension. Ase.


PAGE 74. You are Breathdancing ™ with Prana Energy this Moment”

Learn to live in the now, the ever-present moment. You learn to take one day at a time and truly live in the moment. You are a Divine being having an earthly experience. OPEN YOUR HEART TO ONE LOVE – Universal Love and Acceptance.

Breathe deeply now, take in the breath of life. You are breathdancing (TM) 

Using Prana energy. Inhale and Exhale, Relax and Follow the Breath.

You are going on a journey, to discover the inner you. This is a place where you sometimes forget to visit. You are going there now, to your TEMPLE OF INNER PEACE. Using your thoughts, feelings, SENSORY perceptions visualize yourself inside the place called YOU.

Turn your intention within to your inner Self, to this place called YOU where you can be yourself. There is no one to criticize or hurt YOU. There is nothing to fear, go ahead and Smile, Relax now. You are a Divine being full of love, light, energy and vibration. See yourself filled with love, light and laughter.

Beathe deeply now, take in the breath of life, you are breathdancing using Prana Energy. Inhale and Exhale. Relax and follow the breath.

Affirmation: I am breathing and morphing into the Conscious Awareness of One Self.


I would like to leave you with a prayer by Mooji, a modern-day Mystic: “Divine Spirit of my being. Rid me of ego and the feeling of separation. Merge me with you, who are my own self.” Ase.

Mooji, the mystic is praying for no division of the mind. He is seeking one consciousness. I and I are one presence.

Begin and end the day in total alignment with the Universe. Let each thought that fire into your consciousness and every Divine action be in harmony with peace and love. Do this on awakening, enter meditation using the sound of creation.  Take three deep breaths, on the third, say: “AAH” as in “Hallelujah”. Repeat for 15 mins. If you only have 5 mins ok. That’s fine. Try to work up to 30 mins daily for quiet reflection.

During the day, actively monitor your thoughts and in the evening, Use the Sounds of Creation “OHM” (Let it Vibrate within your Throat  & Heart Chakra for 15 mins. Relax into your being as a peaceful soul. Now, you can experience RENEWAL AND TRANSFORMATION within your MIND – BODY & SPIRIT.


PLEASE VISIT MY BLOG: or  to Purchase “Living Life as a Sacred Practice book.”




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