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Take Wellness out of your Mind by Renewing Your Spirit


Take wellness out of your mind by renewing your Spirit
By Sharon Parris-Chambers

The mind is a mental construct which observes and approves our conscious experience. It is broken down into id- ego- superego and these facets, according to psychiatrist Sigmund Freud, help define personality, attitude and behavior.

You must go outside of your conscious mind to renew the Spirit. It cannot be done from within the divisions of the human mind. To be well in mind, body and spirit, one must take wellness out of the mind and place it into a spiritual domain, an enlightened place to facilitate the renewal of the Spirit. When this is committed to daily practice fueled with right intention, spiritual renewal will take place.

Sacred Practice: Universal Oneness. Begin and end the day totally in alignment with the universe. Let every thought that fire into your consciousness and every Divine action be in harmony with Peace and Love. Do this upon awaking, enter meditation using the sound of creation “AAH (as in Hallelujah) in your sacred place for a minimum of 15 minutes.

During the day, actively monitor your thoughts, and in the evening, begin meditation using the “OHM” sound of creation for 15 minutes. Then, relax into your being as a peaceful soul. In this state of spiritual wellness, the whole being experiences renewal and transformation.

Affirmation: I AM one with the universe.

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