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Consistent Focus on Daily Sacred Practice Leads to Self-Mastery


What comes to mind when I mention becoming more consistent in ones behaviour? The first thing that comes to mind may be becoming more focused. Consistency follows thought and action.

Living Life as a Sacred Practice and discovering yourself as a source of creation is the key. The sacred practices are grounding mechanisms for centering oneself in truth. Daily meditation, reflection keep you balanced and  grounded. You will be able to step off the merry go round of life. Say 'no mas,' no more to the endless vicissitudes of life.

You can begin your morning rituals of meditation, breathfulness, exercise and journaling daily. You could also extend these at night as well. You are not likely to go off track, when you focus and remain committed.

Connecting with the Muse through daily journaling exercises are invaluable. Choose a topic of your choice, find a comfortable and quiet space. Relax with some deep breathing, select some relaxing music and use a mantra of your choice. Begin to write what springs into your mind first thing in the morning. Do not critique it, just let it flow. You will be amazed at what is revealed. 

When writing like this, do not stop to think, you are in stream of consciousness; do not remove your hand from the paper.  All the editing comes later. Allow the Divine flow to emerge.

Write in this way for 20 to 30 minutes. With consistency and focus you will begin to collect a body of work to guide you, your thoughts and actions. You may not choose to use any of it, or you may find it most useful.

The key is to write as part of your early morning meditation. The practice is invaluable in grounding and centering you in daily sacred practices that prepare you for peaceful and blissful living.
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