Awakening to Divine Presence


This morning, I awoke like a lotus flower revealing its beauty to the world. Moving from a state of unconscious existence (sleep) into the conscious world of reality. It can be likened to a rose opening its colorful and dainty petals to let light in. With this mindset, I can allow my inner beauty to match my outer beauty. I can step out on my own merit and live life from the inside out. This perspective allows me to speak from my own heart and see with clear vision. The fractured world that I live in has no influence on me.

You can call into creation that which you seek by holding the intention with every breath you take. Write down your intention to crystalize your aim and objectives. Do not be disappointed if things do not work as you vision them. The universe has orchestrating powers to create a bigger picture than you envision. Open your heart to receive. You do not know what you will receive, however, with the consciousness of trust and faith in the universe, you can receive the prosperity stored up for you. It is an outcome fueled by your positive intentions fused with a Universe which is seeking to return to you that which you are seeking.

Throughout the years of my life, I have asked what am I to do and how? I have tried to picture my ideal life. What a worthless exercise. The Divine universe has magically created a superb life and lifestyle for me that I could not even have imagined. I had to learn to listen to Divine Spirit manifesting in me and to trust that voice. my journey was just to keep seeking and then be present, aware and alert, and obey Divine presence in my life. Living life as an Intuitive Presence,  seeking to harm no one or anything, generates long-lasting karma that manifests in so many ways.

Do not be quick to judge or place finality to what you are seeking. Keep it open, keep focused and allow the universe (God) to do the rest.

Affirmation:  I am open and receptive to the universe

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