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Ask for What you Want. You will get it.


Ask for What you Want. You will get it.

When you just imagine a thing. It may or may not manifest. However, when you reflect and act on it it comes into the material realm.

Sometimes, we hold a sacred intention and wait for it to manifest. Your active participation allows you to: See it, to believe it and then manifest it.

A dormant thought is just that. One must act. Holding the intention and then doing something to hasten its manifestation, brings results. Visualizing, Speaking and Acting are all active ways to assure

Ask for what you want. You will get it.

In 2006 Aloun Assamba, Minister of Tourism, asked for what she wanted at our Caribbean Health & Spa Conference in Jamaica. She was resolute and confident. She got what she asked for and more.

If fact, it was through her vision in the growth of the Wellness industry at the time in Jamaica that spurred and help fuel the growth of the Knowledge industry.

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