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“Are you Moving from Independence to interdependence?”

Human beings seem to have a need to be aligned with or believe in something or someone. Conscious human beings have an independent spirit, oft times they is not aligned with anything or anyone, rather seeking their own path. This speaks to the universal push from within, our Divinity, which seeks to express at the cellular level. In the twenty-first century, we have witnessed great diversity with 7.5 billion beings on the planet.

Diversity is the currency of our modern world. As we move through developmental stages, we reach levels of consciousness that pushes us to think and act differently. Therefore, moving from independence to interdependence could be seen as a natural rite of passage. When we arrive at the stage of making our mark and leaving a legacy on the planet, our focus should be on how our interdependence can make the world a better place. This means relying on, working, collaborating and communicating with, Not fighting with each other, but living in peace and harmony. In this regard our aim is unification of our shared interests and goals as one human family.

This is a great way of showcasing cultural and universal diversity. Let us look for opportunities to celebrate the human family one nation at a time through music, dance, entertainment, poetry, prose, language, literature, debates, colloquium and other shared projects. Let us begin by honouring our own bodies as the temple of the Most High from the cellular level by keeping our house (body) clean from negative energies and foreign substances, honouring our families, our communities, our country, then move outward to sharing the joys of peace, love, respect and unity with humanity.

PRACTICE: Find a quiet space for meditation. Sit quietly, begin to breathe deeply until you are relaxed. Thank your ancestors, your angels, sages and guides for their love and protection. Then, Visualize the earth in front of you as a small ball. Bless the earth with peace and love, see Divine white light surrounding the earth. Hold that intention and vision as long as you can. Then say your individual prayer and end the meditation.

AFFIRMATION: I AM one with humanity


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Tuesday, 16 July 2024

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